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JV MOBILE is a virtual mobile network provided by JV MOBILE Co.,LTD (affiliated with Japan’s leading carriers DOCOMO, SOFBANK, AU). We synthesize the strengths of each operator and design the best service packages, most suitable for Vietnamese customers living in Japan.

We offer high-quality, reasonably priced mobile service and many added facilities (life, medical, legal, administrative). By using JV MOBILE’s mobile network, customers will become members of the ecosystem we build. We want to sell an essential product that provides great value for free, to build a Happy and Healthy Vietnamese Community in Japan.

We set up a free life consultation window for JV MOBILE Customers.
Here, you are provided with the necessary information to integrate into life, consulted to give orientations to solve difficulties.

We own a hospital exclusively for Vietnamese. Can respond quickly in Vietnamese.
The patient does not need to go to the hospital. Through online visits, patients can obtain prescriptions to buy at the nearest pharmacies (in Japan, you will not be able to buy them at pharmacies)

We cooperate with representative offices to carry out judicial procedures (visa application, extension, status of residence, tax declaration,… )
You just need to enter your desired needs into the form, you will receive advice quickly.
JV MOBILE members can use the service with a discount of up to 20%.

We provide a legal help window (operated by Asagao Law Firm), to support legal issues for JV MOBILE Members (Employees, Investors, International Students, Interns…).
You are asked free of charge issues related to the rights, regimes and policies of Japan for each subject. You are consulted when encountering incidents (disputes with enterprises/organizations/individuals) or legal risks (harmed, committing crimes …).